Master Planning for the Future

The Town has several projects with the status of recently completed, in progress or planned for the future.  Our Mayor and staff work diligently to track down Grants and other funding sources available to improve the Towns way of life.  Many plans take several years to evolve and often change paths during that time.  In this section you will find information on some of these projects and plans. The Town is always open to new possibilities and welcome comments or suggestions, you may drop by town hall or feel free to contact us here.

Sewer Lagoons

The Wastewater system for the Lucerne Valley is dependent upon the continued viability of the Manila Sewer System Lagoons.  Currently the system is working very effectively and has the space to handle significantly more users.  Lagoon systems are not environmentally preferable but are effective.  Manila has a Wastewater Master Plan which is consistent with a twenty year General Plan focus for the Lucerne Valley.  It is essential that Manila adhere to these plans and carefully determine what use is consistent.  Large future developments must bring with them the ability to provide funding and to ensure this resource is not compromised.  Alternative plans include the use of processed wastewater as a secondary water source for extensive landscaping, a golf course, or even continued wetlands. A forthcoming focus for Manila Administration will include wastewater infrastructure rehabilitation and expansion.

Lucerne Valley Sewer and Water

The Manila Water System is becoming one of the best in the State of Utah.  Millions of dollars in funding and the effort over the past ten years has produced a system of tanks, wells, and upgraded infrastructure which provides culinary water selected in 2009 by the Rural Water Association as the second best in the entire State.  Manila has the ability to send the pristine water from three major deep and high producing wells throughout this valley.  Currently 928 equivalent residential connections provide homes and businesses with uninterrupted and unlimited quantities of water.  A Twenty Year Water Master Plan directed the development of the system and a five million dollar funding package in one years time will complete the parameters of the plan focus.  A one million-three hundred thousand gallon tank inclusion in the system in 2011 with fulfill the twenty year use goal.

The Manila Sewer and Wastewater system runs throughout the community and in many areas of the Lucerne Valley.  A 2005 extension of the system to the Daggett County Jail saved that facility from closure.  A Twenty Year Wastewater Master Plan is in place for the systems use throughout the valley.  Bringing the planned extension into the county area of the valley is contingent upon future funding efforts and the potential for development.  This will be a focus of the Manila Administration in the near future.  Until that time the system will effectively handle the valley needs within the expectation of continued minimal growth.

Wastewater Facility Plan

The Town completed a Wastewater plan with Sunrise Engineering, Inc. The purpose of the Wastewater Facility plan is to describe the existing system, analyze alternatives and propose a course of action from the engineer’s perspective. This introduction information was taken from the summary section in the Wastewater Facility Plan.

Landfill Cell Program

The extended life of the Manila Landfill is significant to a large portion of Daggett County.  The alternative for waste disposal without the landfill would be very expensive for the residents since waste would have to be hauled out of county.  In preparation for the long term life of the landfill Manila has received a grant and utilized this funding to develop an engineered plan for cell sequencing.  Basically the plan will allow for the landfill footprint to be used to slowly build the landfill upward in a cut and fill process.  This process will extend the landfill use within an estimated life of more than twenty years.  The success of the effort will be reflective of effective management and cooperation of the landfill users.  It is essential that this certified Class II landfill meet all the EPA requirements.

Fire Protection

The Manila Fire Department stands alone as the first responder in an area consisting of hundreds of square miles of Daggett County.  Efforts to remain effective in emergency response and suppression have included extensive equipment and training for the department volunteers.  Equipment includes a structure pumper, a 4,200 gallon MAC truck tanker, an F450 Ford fast attack/pumper, a 6x6 military tanker conversion, a 6X6 military conversion fast attack/pumper, and a 2007 4X4 Yukon equipped as a first responder vehicle.  Personnel equipment includes all new structural and protective gear along with SCBA breathing apparatus for all personnel.  The department is ready to respond and current efforts include plans for a new station.

Community Roadways

Like all communities, Manila would very much like to exist with newly paved roads. The reality is that this is not fiscally possible.  Our existing pavement has been resurfaced but the remainder of the community has graveled roads.  Engineering has determined that new paving for the rest of our roads would cost more than $10,000,000 with the additional drainage required to ensure the continued life of the new pavement.  A very liberal funding package would include significant debt service loan payments.  These would require a considerable raise in property taxes or user fees.  None of the alternatives for funding are possible at this time.  Efforts have included application for federal stimulus money and input from State officials.  Our roads did not qualify for the stimulus funding and other efforts have been unsuccessful.  The bottom line is that we will have to be content with our gravel roads and rural setting until paving is affordable.


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