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Here you willl find a collection of past documents and information, select links below from the appropriate departments.  Over the coming months, we will be working to include more information to this page.


Agendas and Minutes

2015 Planning Commission Meetings
January 5th Agenda Minutes
February 2nd Agenda Minutes
March 29th Agenda Minutes
April 6th Agenda Minutes
May 3rd Agenda Cancelled
June 1st Agenda Minutes
June 15th Agenda Minutes
July 6th Agenda Minutes
August 3rd Agenda Minutes
August 31st Agenda Minutes
October 5th Agenda Minutes
November 2nd Agenda Minutes
December 7th Agenda Minutes


2015 Town Council Meetings
January 8th Agenda Minutes
February 12th Agenda Minutes
March 12th Agenda Minutes
April 9th Agenda Minutes
May 14th Agenda Minutes
June 11th Agenda Minutes
July 9th Agenda Minutes
August 13th Agenda Minutes
September 10th Agenda Minutes
October 8th Agenda Minutes
November 12th Agenda Minutes
December 10th
Agenda Minutes
December 30th Agenda Minutes


2016 Planning Commission Meetings
January 4th Agenda Minutes
February 1st Agenda Minutes
March 7th Agenda Minutes
April 4th Agenda Minutes
May 2nd Agenda Minutes
May 6th Agenda Minutes
May 9th Agenda Minutes
June 20th Agenda Minutes
July 11th Agenda Minutes
August 1st Agenda Minutes
September 6th Agenda Minutes
October 3rd Agenda Minutes
November 7th Agenda Minutes
December 5th Agenda Cancelled


2016 Town Council Meetings
January 14th Agenda Minutes
February 11th Agenda Minutes
March 10th Work Session Minutes
  Agenda Minutes
April 14th Work Session Minutes
  Agenda Minutes
April 19th Work Session Minutes
May 12th Work Session Minutes
  Agenda Minutes
June 9th
Agenda Minutes
June 21st Agenda Minutes
July 21st Work Session Minutes
  Agenda Minutes
August 10th Work Session Minutes
  Agenda & PH Minutes
September 7th Work Session Minutes
  Agenda Minutes
October 13th Work Session Minutes
  Agenda Minutes
November 10th Work Session Minutes
  Agenda Minutes
November 30th Work Session Minutes


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Public Hearings & Announcements

Aug 10th 2016 - Public Hearing for Mill Tax Levy for 2017 and Final Budget 2016-2017

Jul 28th 2016 - Public Notice of Proposed Tax Increase 

Jun 21st 2016 - Public Notice of Town Council Meeting 

Jun 10th 2016 - Public Notice of Mayor Vacancy Letter 

May 26th 2016 - Public Notice for Mike Lee Staff Visit 

May 19th 2016 - Public Notice for Deputy Clerk/
Planning and Zoning Secretary

Apr. 19th 2016 - Public Notice for Town Council Work Session 

Apr. 18th 2016 - Public Notice for Town Offfice Hours 

Apr. 14th 2016 - Public Notice for Town Council Work Session 

Mar. 4th 2016 - Public Notice for Job Opening 

Feb. 12th 2016 - Public Notice for Meeting Times 

Feb. 4th 2016 - Public Notice for Fiscal Aduit Report 

Nov. 3rd 2015 - Public Notice for Election Summary Report 

September 11th 2015 - Public Notice for Council Meetings 

June 8th 2015 - Public Notice of Nominations for Town Council

May 14th 2015 - Public Hearing for Budget Revisions

January 27th 2015 - Public Notice of Municipal Offices



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